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Saturday, November 15, 2008

876 Call Update 2

Yesterday, a staffer from Anna Eshoo's office contacted me about the 876 number scam complaint I'd filed with their office. She'd never heard of it before, but agreed it sounded like someone should do something about it. She's following up with D.C., and should get back with me, although I expect it to take several weeks. So maybe there is some hope on the horizon with some government help for this problem!


Anonymous said...

Any update on this? I'd never heard of this problem -- though the Palo Alto police tell me that EVERYbody knows about it -- and have been harassed all week, at all hours, even being told people were outside my house, at 6:20 AM, which is what led me to call the police. Eventually one caller left an 876 call-back number, which is why I called ATT, asking for help -- with the same result you had -- but they did tell me to Google "876 area code," which is how I found your blog. I've now disconnected ringers and the answering machine (this is on my home land line) and have asked friends and family to use alternate numbers for me for a month -- to see if that will discourage Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it is part of the same scam, so wanted to add another number to the list. I recieved this call from a "Scott Myers" (at least I think that was his name.. I had trouble understanding him and actually hung up twice before he went far enough to actually give me his name).


Tia H. said...

Hello Polly! Been there, done that and got the T shirt! Please check out the website This was the only way that I could stop the Nut from harassing me. I also posted a comment today in response to calls from area code 876. I wish for you the very best of luck. I also hope that this will help you. May God bless you.