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This blog was created in memory of my mother, Sylvia Siegel, who passed away peacefully in her sleep on 8/18/2007. It's intended to serve as a collection point for articles written about her, and for any type of anecdotes that anyone would care to share. So feel free to post entries and share. If you want to be added to the list of contributors, just send me an e-mail and I'll add you to the list. Also in my mom's memory, I will use this as a vehicle to post consumer-oriented information, especially related to telecommunications.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sylvia remembered, by Rob Feraru

I worked with Sylvia when I was staffer in the Legislature and when I worked at the CPUC.
Sylvia is one of those indelible figures that one encounters in this life.
I remember her in several different kinds of situations.
She could shine in many ways.
She was a canny strategist who knew when to push and how and on whom.
She was a successful advocate and a worthy adversary in policy fights, effectively using the modest weapons on her side....the truth, the media, her loyal changing cadre of shitkicking attorneys and other staff, and the members of TURN.
She was a fearsome force when speaking truth to power, (only occasionally going too far, in my humble opinion).
She was a loyal, fierce ally in battle.
She was a sweet, wise, hard edged fighter.
She knew how to relax after a hard day.
I am proud to have known her.
I vow to keep a part of her alive in my continued activism.